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The Connected Auto Marketing system for driving major traffic to your dealership

Connected Auto Marketing provides a platform for dealers to express their individualism through their website and mobile phone apps.  Unlike other dms providers we are able to give your dealership a unique appeal that tailors your dealerships personality that will be one of a kind when your prospects are searching the web looking for a car lot that they can identify with. In select locations Connected Auto offers Auto Photography services.  (read more)  

...we offer a variety of services including Auto Photography

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...we drive the traffic, you close the deal!



...innovative ways to drive traffic!

Connected Auto Group has partnered with one of  the industries leading virtual phone service providers.  We are able to assign unique telephone numbers to single or multiple campaigns for easy tracking of the effectiveness of your advertising. Our phone systems are ideal for small businesses of 2 to 20 people, the Connected Auto Group's Virtual Receptionist solution is a state-of-the-art office phone system that comes standard with our marketing system that offers all the capabilities you could ask for.

...our Virtual Phone Technology ensures customer communication

Our custom built android and iphone apps are hands down essential part of our platform and a guaranteed to get business pouring in your door! Connected Auto Marketing helps your dealership brand your name and reputation with captivating mobile apps. Our services can be tailored to your specific business needs — from defining an agile mobile strategy, to user experience or visual design, to engineering and testing.

...custom built iphone and android apps built for your dealership

Connected Auto Marketing is commited to the success of your dealership! Our Ultimate Package comes complete with a one week sales training for your staff and a official launch of our platform!  Whether your dealership is a start-up company or been in business forever, your staff will surely get results from our system training class!  Don't miss out on pioneering a social media-internet powerhouse! millennium Sales Staff Training on 21st century apps

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