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Connected Auto Marketing provides a platform for dealers to express their individualism through their website.  Unlike other website providers we are able to give your dealership a unique appeal that tailors your dealerships personality that will be one of a kind.  Your prospects are searching the web looking for a car lot that they can identify with.  The problem with template based website providers is that all of your competitors are using them and they all appear to be the same.  Looking at this from a consumers perspective you will realize that there is nothing that differentiates one car lot from the other.  Other website providers’ don’t realize that all customers are different.  If your dealership tailors to customers that are not in the upper epsilon why does your website look like you have to have a perfect credit score to be eligible for financing there.   Your site should appeal to your target market. At Connected Auto Group we customize every site based on what kind of prospects you are trying to attract.  If your dealership provides secondary financing your site will be customized to reflect that.  If your dealership requires consumers that are eligible for primary bank financing we build your website to reflect that.  You can be assured that we will create a customized site that makes your dealership stand out from all the rest.   Connected Auto Group's websites are  designed solely to drive major traffic into  your location.  We take a strategic  approach in our designs that have proven  to be  effective in the Buy Here Pay Here  Market.  Unlike other auto marketing  companies that cut and paste your  dealership info on the same template as  your competitors, we custom build our  sites tailored to your companies program. 

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